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Bio-K+ International Fermented Probiotic Strawberry - 100% Probiotic (6 Pack) - Refrigerated (6-98 g) (jit)

$26.00 CAD

Each Bio-K+® fresh drinkable product contains 50 billion probiotic bacteria, which we guarantee up to the product’s expiration date.
They may be taken in various doses to meet everyone’s needs (from ¼ of a bottle to 1 bottle per day, as needed).
As the probiotic bacteria have not been weakened, they are alive and ready to deliver their benefits as soon as you take them. As a result, they can have a positive impact throughout your digestive tract.
Besides providing probiotics’ sought-after benefits, Bio-K+® products are nutritious.
Fermentation takes place right in the Bio-K+® bottle based on a unique, 14-day manufacturing process that complies with good manufacturing practices.
The component bacteria synergize their fermentation at 37.5°C (body temperature); so, they are not altered once inside the body.
Bio-K+® fresh drinkable products are suitable for everyone.
Bio-K+® fresh drinkable products are sold as milk, soy, organic brown rice or pea and hemp based products to satisfy all tastes, as well as better adapt to dietary sensitivities (intolerances and allergies).
Bio-K+® fresh drinkable products are certified as gluten free.