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San Pellegrino Fico d'India Prickly Pear & Orange Sparkling Beverage (24-330ml)

$33.53 CAD
SKU: 5036699P

Prickly pear – the spiky fruit that hangs like jewels on the cactus trees in the sunny Mediterranean coast, is the ingredient in Sanpellegrino® Arancia & Fico d'India.

Thrown into the mix are hand-picked ripe oranges and a light sparkle to create a dazzling rose colored drink.

A delicate, tasty note fills the nose, and whilst the first sip is deliciously sweet with orange juice, it softly ends with the flavor of prickly pear that encompasses your tongue.

Enjoy Arancia & Fico d'India chilled at the ideal temperature of 35-40 °F, with a plate of panzanella or fish kabobs to share with friends and savor the exhilarating flavors of this magical land.