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Vellamo Mineral Water - Glass Bottle Carbonated (Sparkling) (12x750ml)

$54.35 CAD
SKU: SBX000015

The natural mineral water that is worth the wait.

It’s all about first impressions.

My elegant design and luxurious appearance appeal to people, time and time again. Some might even call me exquisite. The Vellamo bottle is like a block of ice, reflecting the blue color of the glacier. The flowing water element from the top to the bottom tells how water ran through the glacier all the way to the Nordic soil. When you place Vellamo face down on her side, you can find the canyon, her home. On top of that, with a little bit of imagination, you can find a goddess like figure in the flowing water element.

Mineral Content (mg/l)
Sodium Na+ 85
Potassium K+ 4,1
Calsium Ca2+ 51
Magnesium Mg2+ 13
Bicarbonate HCO3 210
Chloride Cl- 110
Sulfate So42- 27
Fluoride F- 0,50 pH 8,3
Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) 26.10.2016 / 04.05.2017
DS (Total dissolved units) 519